May 22, 2024

Daily Moon Desk: Shommilito Khatme Nabuat Shongrokkhon Parishad, Panchagarh organized a seminar titled Khatme Nabuwat Aqida at Panchagarh Community Center in Rajnagar. Mufti Shuaib Ibrahim, founder director of Khatme Nabuwat Markaz Bangladesh was present as the chief guest, where Alhaj Hazrat Maulana Abdul Hannan presided over the seminar.

In the manifesto of the seminar, the speakers said, Khatme Nabuwat Aqeedah is an essential religious belief of Islam. The meaning of Khatme Nabuwat Aqidah is that Allah has sent innumerable Prophets throughout the ages for the guidance of people. In that sequence, he finally sent Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) as the last prophet and messenger and through him completed Islam for people. There is no need for any other Prophet or Messenger after Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). So Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) is the last prophet and messenger from all sides. After him no new prophet will come. If this religious faith is unbroken, Islam will last until the Day of Judgment. Otherwise Islam does not remain as a permanent religion.

General Secretary of Shommilito Khatme Nabuat Shongrokkhon Parishad Qari Abdullah, Advisor Maulana Mahmudul Alam, and former Municipal Mayor Md Touhidul Islam spoke in the seminar among others.

The seminar’s manifesto demanded that the Qadianis be officially declared a non-Muslim minority immediately.

In the seminar, speakers demand that the Qadianis in Ahmadnagar, Panchagarh demanded the ban of the so-called Salana Jalsa on 23, 23, 25 February 2024.

Otherwise, Shommilito Khatme Nabuat Shongrokkhon will carry out a peaceful program with the public to demand it.​

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