June 16, 2024

Abir Hasan: Road accidents are not leaving behind Bangladesh.Thousands of lives are lost on the roads every day.  The pictures of the dead bodies are floating in the newspapers every day. The screams of the relatives of the deceased shake the air, but it cannot shake our conscience. One of the reasons for these road accidents is the use of LED lights in cars at night.  The use of LED lights is responsible for 25 percent of the total road accidents.

Due to the extremely bright and white light, many people are using these lamps as vehicle headlights these days. Due to the intensity of the LED headlight light, the driver of the vehicle coming from the opposite direction can hardly see anything.  He became blind in a moment.  And then the accident happened.

According to recent information from the Road Safety Foundation, 4 thousand 166 people were killed in road accidents in seven months from January to July this year.  In July alone, 739 people including 105 women and 109 children were killed in 632 road accidents and 2 thousand 42 people were injured.  According to the report, the number of people killed in motorcycle accidents alone last month was 251. Most of the accidents and deaths were on motorcycles. With the emergence of three-wheelers that have been on the highway for a long time, this newly added LED headlight has now become a death trap. Headlights that do not come with cars.  Separated by vehicle owners.  When the light of this LED is exposed to the eye, nothing can be seen for a while.  Drivers of motorcycles, three-wheelers, private cars and microbuses coming from the opposite direction are in trouble.  It is not that the mentioned vehicles are not getting LED headlights.

Not only those, LED lights are also very harmful to human eyes.  According to ophthalmologists, LED lights directly hit the retina of the eye by producing more than tolerable levels of light.  There is a risk of serious damage to vision including the cornea.

At present, the use of LED lights in urban areas including the capital has started several years ago.  In this case, many people are using this light mainly in private vehicles.  At present, the use of these lights has also started in vehicles plying on various highways.  LED lights are being used in buses, trucks, pickup vans, motorcycles, auto-rickshaws, and even battery-powered vehicles.  In addition to being used as a headlight in some vehicles, a few other LED lights are also used.

On the other hand, black color is no longer used in the upper part of the headlights of any vehicle including buses, trucks, or private cars playing in the city.  Because of which the lights of these cars come directly to the eyes of the drivers and pedestrians coming from the opposite direction and blind the eyes.  And that’s when the accident happened. Earlier, if the headlight of the car had not been painted black, the police would have caught it.  Now no one paints black so it doesn’t hold anymore.

So the use of such lights in vehicles should be avoided.  In this situation, it is necessary to control the use of LED lights in vehicles. Since the use of LED lights in vehicles is a punishable offense, at least five mobile courts should be set up every month to block these on various roads including highways. And as conscious citizens of the country, we should avoid this and prevent others from using these LED lights. We should remember that this country is our family.  And the citizens are members of that family. So we should take care of the family members. I request the police and district administration to be stricter in this regard. Publicity campaigns should be conducted so that everyone stays away from the use of LED lights. Placards should be hung on the roads.

Author: Abir Hasan is the President of Jagannath University Feature Column & Content Writers. He can be reached at abirsuzon4@gmail.com

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