May 27, 2024

BSS, DHAKA: Additional Secretary of Election Commission (EC) Secretariat Ashok Kumar Debnath today said that the overall election environment and situation will develop further if the striking force comes to the field.He said this while talking to the journalists at his office in the EC building at Agargaon in the capital.He said that till now 250 people have been given show-cause notices by the Election Investigation Committee for violating the code of conduct.Of them, 150 people have responded to show-cause so far, he added. The commission has decided to file cases against three more people, he said. Following the law, first a show-cause notice is being given and then a case is being filed, he said, adding that if these do not work or if the violation of the code of conduct is extreme then the candidature may be cancelled.

Replying to another question from journalists, he said that the number of Ansar members as well as the police is more in the ‘very important’ polling centers while less in ‘important’ centers. Those centres are considered as ‘very important’ where communication breaks down or when law enforcement officers have problems performing their duties, he mentioned.

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