July 20, 2024

While addressing a programme amidst presence of business leaders, State Minister for Power, Energy and Mineral Resources stressed on increasing the pressure of gas on Wednesday at the Bangladesh Investment Development Authority (BIDA) at Agargaon. This came up in his words following a gas crunch that has been significantly impeding for last few months, the export- oriented industries, especially textile, garment and ceramic manufacturers. Virtually, in his voice echoed the appeal of country’s businessmen for uninterrupted gas. No doubt ongoing energy crisis is linked to such gas crisis. But, we believe there is no way out to get away with this excuse with the rising demand of industrial activities.

Sadly, many small and medium garment units, ceramic manufacturers are facing the problem of delayed shipment for gas and energy crisis.

We believe, any hamper in production in any industry means a delay in manufacturing which ultimately compels producers to go for costlier shipment of goods or face a big discount in the international market.

Energy and gas crisis bringing oriented industries, textile, garment and ceramic manufacturers sector to the knee across the country . As a result, businesses are incurring losses amid production fall. Consumers, individuals, industries and business alike, have been enduring severe power cuts for the last few days as electricity production is being hampered mainly due to a shortage of gas supply, prompting the FBCCI urge the government to go for the power rationing.

Power generation in country is heavily dependent on natural gas. Government must come of this long-held mentality of solely depending on gas for power generation for the greater commercial interest of the country.

Bangladesh power and energy sectors are in a transformative phase, being shaped by global mega trends and our economic boom.

We urge all to be economical in their use of gas and energy. On that note it is also important to monitor that all are complying with specific power usage instruction. Any type of violation must be strictly dealt with.

No doubt Bangladesh is a developing country with aspiration of becoming a high income one in the next two decades, but this also needs to bereflected in the incomes of people from all sectors of the country.

The crisis is not limited to gas shortage alone.Although it has become necessary for the country, power cuts should be kept at a minimum level for industries. Otherwise, the wheels of the economy will slow down. We would urge the government to ration power and energy supply to all types of consumers in a staggered manner.


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