May 27, 2024

BSS, DHAKA:  Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina today said new crimes are emerging with the advent of advanced technology, asking the police personnel to take necessary preparations to thwart the diversified crimes.

“As the technology advances, new types of crime are emerging. So, our police force should be prepared to deal with them properly,” she said while addressing the police officers of higher ranks at Prime Minister’s Office.

The premier said her government is very careful about the capability of police and has a close eye on the issue.

“Because, if the system of dealing with the crime doesn’t work, then it (the offence) can’t be controlled properly,” she added.

She called the police as people’s friend, saying, “our police force is now friend of the people”.

She said nowadays people aren’t afraid of police rather they keep confidence in the law enforcement agency.

She added, “Now they (police) have regained their trust of people. The countrymen consider the police as their friend and a place of trust. Police have earned this trust and confidence through their works.”

The premier also asked the police personnel to think the people as their near and dear ones.

She said: “In any work place, you (police) should always consider the countrymen, whether they are women, men or children, as near and dear ones and serve them.”

Mentioning incidents such as setting fire, killing police personnel, and throwing policeman at fire, the Prime Minister observed that cases regarding these incidents are not proceeding properly or taking long time for proceeding.

Sheikh Hasina said “I think if the trial and punishment of the people who commit such crimes are done speedily, they will not have courage in future (to do it again).”

She said that in the future no one can commit crimes such as attacking police in the name of politics, taking the law into their own hands, deteriorating law and order, and harming people’s lives.

“Police should be steadfast in this regard . . . They should also play the appropriate role whenever necessary,” she added.

Highlighting the progress of the country, the Prime Minister said none has treated Bangladesh with disrespect in the last 15 years.

She added, “Now everyone sees Bangladesh as a model of development.”

Sheikh Hasina said, “It is the duty of all of us to carry out our duties including the implementation of any project, ensuring safety of people’s lives and property as well as dealing with any crime apart from ensuring punishment. So, you all have to work like that.”

Assuming power, the Awami League government has returned the people’s power to their hands, she added.

So, the government is working with the goal of ensuring peace, socio-economic development of the people and development of their fortune, she said, adding, “With that aim we announce the election manifesto, and we take appropriate measures to implement the election manifesto during every term.”

Sheikh Hasina said that as the Awami League has been in power since 2009, today’s Bangladesh has become a changed Bangladesh because of a stable environment and sustained democratic trends. “We have attained the status of a developing country from the least developed country,” she continued.

Condemning the Israeli attack on Palestine, the prime minister said that Bangladesh has strongly protested the attack and genocide going on in Palestine and “I have protested it everywhere”.

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