March 3, 2024

Campus Correspondent: Compared to last few years, the effect of winter has increased this year. At the same time public suffering increased. Although the winter is not very severe at the beginning of the season, in the middle of the month of Magh, the cold flow from the Himalayas disrupts the normal life of the people. At 6:30 am on Sunday morning, Google Weather in Tongi area of Gazipur recorded a temperature of 12.2 degrees Celsius, the lowest temperature of the year.
In the morning, it can be seen on the ground, the entire campus including the madrasa ground, administrative building, academic building, examination building, Shaheed Titumir Hall, Haji Shariatullah Hall, Hazrat Shahjalal Hall and the under-construction Shah Makhdoom Hall and the pond adjacent to the hall are covered in heavy fog. Different parts of the madrasa are shrouded in fog, making it difficult to see from one residential hall to another and administrative buildings from academic buildings. The leaves of the trees and the tips of the grass are covered with dew, and the cold current is blowing. Meanwhile, some people are busy making winter clothes with masks, logos and names in the name of Tamirul Millat.
In almost every campus of the country, with the arrival of winter, colorful flowers such as roses, dahlias, chrysanthemums, cosmos, zinnias, marigolds and other types of flowers are in bloom. Every area of the campus and residence hall is full of fragrance. But Tameerul Millat campus is deprived of such beauty.
Zubair Rahman, a student of Alim 2nd year of Thakurgaon, said last Saturday night, our house is in Thakurgaon district located in the north of Bangladesh. Every year there is severe winter. But although its impact is less towards Dhaka, this year the impact of winter has also increased in Dhaka. As a student of T’amirul Millat Kamil Madrasah. So here too I can feel the heavy winter humidity.
Musammat Habiba Tanni, a third-year student of Ta’mirul Millat Tongi Girls’ Campus Fazil, said that in the midst of bone-chilling winters, one has to leave the warm bed to attend classes and take exams. I don’t like to go to class in this cold winter. It’s been so cold lately, it’s becoming impossible to sleep without a blanket at night.
Nizam Uddin and Billal Hossain, gatekeepers of the campus, said that the month of Paush is a month of enjoyment for many, but it is a month of hardship for many. As per the schedule we do duty every night. Today is colder than other days and visibility is not good in the fog.
Maulana Mizanur Rahman, principal (acting) of Ta’mirul Millat Kamil Madrasa said, the severity of winter has spread across the country. Compared to previous years, this year’s season is more affected by winter. The lives of common people including students are about to come to a standstill.
He also said that before the start of daily classes in our Ta’meerul Milla, students are made to exercise through physical training (PT), so that students can feel warm in this winter.

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