March 3, 2024

Md Maruf Hassan Bhiuyan: As soon as the new year approaches, the prices of educational materials have increased drastically like everything else. Students are suffering greatly. Students and parents are in trouble to continue their studies due to the increase in the cost of education materials.
Currently, the price of daily necessities has skyrocketed, among which the price of educational materials has increased at a double rate. However, the income of the lower middle class and middle class people has not increased, the family has to borrow and borrow to get two meals a day. In that case, how to coordinate the price of the child’s education material.
Before this, in the last two years, due to Corona, the working people have lost their jobs and their income has decreased. This has had a direct impact on students from poor families, a large number of students have stopped studying, dropped out of education, many have become disoriented and gone abroad with loans. Despite this, the increase in the price of these educational materials has brought bad news for those who are still continuing their studies despite the setbacks.
The prices of books, notebooks, pencils, pens and other educational materials have been increased uncontrollably. The most important paper used by students in education, the price of paper has increased several times. White paper (rim) which used to be Tk 300 to Tk 350, now the price has increased to Tk 530 to more than Tk 600. The prices of different types of manufactured goods have increased by almost 50 percent in different markets. At the same time, the prices of pencils, pens, rubbers, practical notebooks, geometry boxes, calculators and other educational materials required by students have doubled.
In the beginning of the year, it has been seen that excessive money is being taken in the name of admission-re-admission, monthly salary and unnecessary sectors in educational institutions.
How will students continue to study if this continues? Most of the students will drop out of education if the price of education material is not reduced immediately. Due to excessive cost, it will be almost impossible for students from lower middle class, middle class families to pursue education.

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