March 3, 2024

MT Desk: Total Fitness Day was observed in various parts of the country for the first time amid enthusiasm among people to be fit physically, mentally, socially and spiritually.
Several hundreds people from different professional groups and common people including artists, journalists and students celebrated the day joining in more than 120 parks in Dhaka and other district towns early morning.
The Quantum Foundation celebrate the day this year with the title ‘Healthy Body, Peaceful Mind, Busy Happy Life’ through its branches and cells throughout the country.
The total fitness day will be observed from now on the first Friday of every year for creating aware among people of the necessity of totally fit by following various day-to-day tips for physical, mental, social and spiritual fit.
Editor of weekly Biporit Sroth magazine Mohammad Mahmuduzzaman moderated the programme where noted theater artist Momena Chowdhury, film director Salauddin Lavlu and journalist Selim Samad shared experiences of fitness and role of meditation in their daily lives. The day’s event closed with a meditation on totally fit.

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