February 22, 2024

MT Desk: Türkiye and North Macedonia marked the 30th anniversary of diplomatic ties on Friday, expressing the resolve to further strengthen “current excellent relations.”

“We are determined to strengthen current excellent relations between Türkiye and North Macedonia, and bring new dimension to them and to further these relations for the benefit of our two peoples and our partners,” according to a joint statement released by the Turkish Foreign Ministry.

It added that the deep-rooted historical and cultural ties make the bilateral relations “exceptional.”

“We will strengthen our cooperation with an understanding that pays regard to stability, prosperity and progress of the Balkans, of which we are a part. In the upcoming period, we will continue to contribute to the development of regional cooperation in fields such as trade, investment, energy, transportation, culture and education,” the statement said.

The two NATO allies also vowed to enhance joint efforts in facing the challenges to regional and international security, and act in solidarity against all forms of terror.

“We see the common future of our countries and region in the EU. In this context, we welcome the holding of the first intergovernmental conference on the commencement of the accession negotiations with North Macedonia,” the statement read.

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