April 13, 2024

Umrinisa Ergasheva: Tomorrow is October 1. Every year when this day approaches, Madina’s heart skips a beat. For some reason, she says she will forget what happened on this day, but she can’t forget it, even if she tries not to remember it, she remembers it again.

This event, which happened a few years ago, began to flash before his eyes.

At that time, she was in the 4th grade. Her classmates began to discuss what gifts to give to their teachers for this year’s holiday, but Madina did not agree with them. Because he wants to give his gifts not to his teacher, but to English teacher Dilhayo Erkinova. Why do you say that? Because teacher Gulandon, the head of the class, always scolded and quarreled with the students.

— Don’t draw on the desk, don’t run in the corridor, don’t fight with each other, don’t throw paper in the school yard, don’t play with stones, say hello to someone older than you, and you can’t count these investigations.

Madina was also beaten very badly in front of her classmates the other day. What’s wrong, a girl should be polite, tidy, not throw sugar papers everywhere, not run around the hall.

“What are you doing? I wanted to say it was my job and he was embarrassed in front of his friends. He thought that tomorrow I will burn your eyes and give my gift to Dilhayo teacher.”

English teacher Dilhayo Erkinova dresses very well. Gold on her hands and neck. He flirts even when he walks. Don’t tell me about the make-up, everything suits him, the car is beautiful underneath. He has nothing to do with anyone. He doesn’t even say you ran, he passes his class and leaves

What kind of teacher will he be? Madina is very fond of him.

So Madina decided to give the gifts to Dilhayo teacher.

Now it’s time to give a gift. He thought that he would give something. When he asked his mother for money, she said that she had paid all the money in the house for his brother’s contract. There is no money in the house. Then he remembered what his brother had given him for his birthday a month ago. He remembered the flower. His brother understands. The flowers were very beautiful. The teacher must also like it. Even if Ahir Gulandon gave the teacher 1 or 2 flowers every year, he would be disappointed. This teacher must be happy too. A bunch of Ahir flowers.

And so the morning dawned. Madina took the flowers and went on her way. Master Gulandon is sitting at the table, and Master Dilhayo is sitting by the window. Gulandon’s sister has a bunch of flowers and two soaps in front of her. Then Gulandon, despite the teacher, handed the flower to Dilhayo. Then Dilhayo teacher Madina looked at the flower in her hand– Obor Obor knows your flower, what am I going to do with this flower of yours? He said that my house is full of such flowers. Madina was shocked when she heard this. The flower in her hand called her a snake. Then from behind – Medina girl, I’m here. Are you lost? Thank you for your greeting and gift. He heard a voice saying that your flowers are very beautiful and saw himself in the arms of teacher Gulandon. Medina did not know what to do and what to say. Then the teacher said sorry and ran out. Madina, who was sitting in front of the door, asked the teacher Gulandon from inside – What did you do, why did you make the child Dilhayo a slave. After all, it is not good to hurt the child’s tongue when he is a young child. Dilhayo teacher said– Yes, let’s die, was this also a gift? What will I do with these flowers? My house is full of such flowers. the sound of Gulandon heard the voice of the teacher saying, “Not everyone is lucky enough to receive a gift from the children, it’s a gift, big or small.”


Umrinisa Ergasheva is a poet, Uzbekistan

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