February 22, 2024

Desk Report: Badal Chandra Biswas, director general of the Directorate of Agricultural Extension, said, “According to the call of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, UP members are working to produce exportable agricultural products and use fallow land in the country to deal with the global crisis, this is very hopeful. He said – the elected members of the Union Parishad assured the meeting that they will take effective initiatives through the Ministry of Agriculture to speed up the activities of the UP members, who are one of the driving forces of the grassroots people in rural life. He spoke at a discussion meeting organized by Bangladesh Union Member (BAISOS) at National Press Club on Saturday as the special representative whiles the Agriculture Minister Dr. Md. Abdur Razzak as the chief guest.
BAISOS Secretary General M Saiful Islam Moazzem and Senior Vice Chairman Hasan Raqib Azad among others spoke at the discussion meeting organized while BAISOS Chairman and prominent political figure Golam Sarwar Milon presided over the program. The special guest former ambassador Gholam Masih said in this discussion meeting, if all the UP members of the country fulfill this responsibility properly then it is definitely possible to successfully implement this program announced by the Prime Minister. He applauded the UP members for taking the initiative to implement this programme.
In the discussion meeting, Senior Vice-Chairman of BAISOS Hasan Raqib Azad said, “BAESS is an old organization, by which development of the grassroots level of the country is possible. He called on the concerned authorities of the government to use UP members to make this country a golden Bengal. He also said that dynamic development is possible through UP members everywhere in the country if the existing law of the Union Parishad is effective. BAISOS Secretary General M Saiful Islam Moazzem said, we are working with 55,000 elected members of the grassroots level of the country.
It is possible to build a prosperous Bangladesh through them. He called upon the members of the Union Parishad to encourage the farmers through discussion with the people of the area to take effective measures to produce exportable agricultural products and use fallow land in their respective areas.
BAISOS Chairman Golam Sarwar Milan said that in this global crisis, we have to take it as a challenge to move forward in the export of agricultural products by meeting the overall food needs of the country. We are continuing our activities with all the concerned ministries to achieve that goal. He urged all UP members to implement this program more sincerely.

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