April 13, 2024

Md. Mijanur Rahman Akanda, Phulpur: Traditional Amuakanda market is located in Ward No. 9 of Phulpur Municipality under Mymensingh district. Many people call this market the capital of Phulpur. It is the place for wholesale and retail sales of almost all kinds of products. Every day thousands of buyers and sellers from far and wide come to this market to buy and sell their necessary goods. The only wholesale vegetable shop in the upazila is also located in this market. At present, the supply of vegetables into the market is very less. As a result, there has been extreme volatility in the prices of vegetables locally. The price of all vegetables is constantly increasing. After visiting the vegetable market of Amuakanda Bazar on Monday afternoon, it was seen that the retail vegetable traders charge Tk 50 per kg of round potato, Tk 70 for eggplant, Tk 200 for beans, Tk 60 for potato, Tk 180 for tomato, Tk 160 of carrot, Tk 50 of gourd, Tk 100 of bitter gourd, and Tk 100 of potato. 80 taka, kakrul 60 taka, chichinga 50 taka, sweet gourd 60 taka, raw pepe is selling at 40 taka. A buyer who came to buy vegetables in the Baikal market said that the prices of all the daily necessities are already high. On top of that, there is currently instability in vegetable prices. Running a family has become impossible. Another buyer, tea seller Ratan Mia said, I have come to market with 400 teams. Everything is over by buying vegetables. Ahan buy other things ki diya. Aminul Haque, a vegetable seller in Amuakanda market, said that the import of vegetables from Arte and locally is very low. Prices are high due to fewer imports. What do businessmen have to do with it? I always sell vegetables at a limited profit. Harun Or Rashid Talukder, Deputy Assistant Agriculture Officer of Bhaitkandi Union of Phulpur Upazila, said that due to lack of rain and adverse weather, farmers are not getting much benefit in vegetable production. Winter is coming. Both production and imports are expected to increase as the weather and seasons change.


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