May 27, 2024

Picture of selling vegetables at the famous Binsara market

Golam Motofa, Tarash: The prices of winter vegetables have increased in the market of Tarash in Sirajganj despite availability. Several vegetables including brinjal, beans and cauliflower are being sold at double prices in the last two days. Meanwhile, the price of onion and potato has decreased. In particular, the low-income people have been hit hard by the sudden hike in the prices of winter vegetables. Radish, potal and green chilli prices remain unchanged.

Montu, Bakul, Abdul Gani, Milan and Zahurul Islam, the raw materials traders of the famous Binsara Hut, said that the price of vegetables has increased in the wholesale market since last Sunday. As a result, the local bazaar has been affected. Prices are unlikely to fall unless supply increases. The prices of potatoes and onions have decreased slightly.

Aslam Molla, Abdul Hannan, Alamgir Hossain of Binsara village and Saber Ali, Faruk Hossain of Penguari village said that 5 types of 5 kg vegetables were found for 100 taka two days ago. Market bags were filled with vegetables then.

Winter is on the rise, but the prices of winter vegetables are high. They are worried about it. The surface has been seen in Binsara haat and Tarash bazaar, there is scarcity of vegetables in the bazaar. People are bargaining in these shops to buy vegetables.

Traders of raw materials said that they sold brinjal 25, cauliflower 25 and beans 40 taka per kg at last Friday-Saturday. But since Sunday, beans are selling at 80 taka, brinjal 70 taka, cauliflower 40 taka a kg. The prices of some other vegetables including pumpkin, gourd, and carrot have also increased. The price of new potatoes and onions has been reduced by Tk 20 per kg. Potatoes are selling at 60 taka per kg, onion 100 taka per kg.

In this context, the Upazila agriculture officer Md. Abdullah Al Mamun said that local farmers are nearing the end of their pre-cultivated vegetables. Prices have also increased in the wholesale market. That’s why people have to spend a little more money in the vegetable market.



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