June 15, 2024

Manikganj Correspondent: A total of 1,90,461 children of under-five age group will be fed with Vitamin A Plus capsules in seven upazilas of the district on February 20 in the National Vitamin A Plus Campaign 2023.

Civil Surgeon Dr. Moazzem Ali Khan Chowdhury told BSS today that the programme will be conducted in 65 unions and one municipality in seven upazilas of the district simultaneously.

The campaign will be conducted under the auspices of the Public Health and Nutrition Institute and National Nutrition Services under the Ministry of Health and Family Planning with UNICEF’s assistance.

The civil surgeon said, “We have completed all necessary preparations to make the national vitamin “A” plus campaign a success”.

The civil surgeon highlighted the importance of continuation of Vitamin A supplementation for the under-five babies to prevent mal-nutritional blindness, especially night blindness, bitot’s spots and corneal lesions.

“Immunization of the under-five babies with Vitamin A Plus capsules is crucial for strengthening their immune system and disease resistance capacity for healthier growth,” he said.

He said 4,821 health workers and volunteers will provide Vitamin A Plus capsules at 1,607 centres in seven upazilas and one municipality on Monday next from 8 am to 5 pm.

Civil Surgeon Office sources said, under the programme, the health department has taken adequate measures to provide vitamin-A capsule (blue colour) to 25, 200babies of six months to 11 months and vitamin-A capsule (red colour) to 1,65,261 children of 12 months to 59 months age group.

The civil surgeon especially called upon the parents to bring their kids to the outreach centres with a full stomach to feed them Vitamin A capsules as immunization with an empty stomach might cause nausea.

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