December 3, 2023

Moon Desk: Nepal Police seized two kilograms of Uranium in Biratnagar near the Nepal-India border which was being smuggled into India.

The traffickers aimed to smuggle Uranium into foreign countries via India. The recovered Uranium is estimated to be worth crores of rupees. While carrying illicit commodities, 15 persons were arrested in this case.

The theft and smuggling of fissile material over 200 kgs in India during the last two decades is of deep concern and necessitates action from the global community, which has turned a blind eye to the country’s irresponsible behavior.

Pakistan has been consistently voicing its serious concerns over the theft and illicit sale of radioactive material in India and by its nationals abroad.

The increasing cases of nuclear-related incidents have indeed jeopardized India’s aspirations to become a dejure member of Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG). With such incidents, India’s position has become an awkward as international pressure is mounting over India’s poor safety standards.

The theft and smuggling of nuclear material poses a serious threat to the region’s security and strategic stability and exponentially increases the risk of nuclear terrorism.

Additionally, India has consistently violated United Nations Security Resolutions and has failed to uphold the International Atomic Energy Agency’s conventions regarding the physical protection of nuclear material.

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