May 27, 2024

BNP continues to falsify shamelessly: Quader

Staff Reporter: Awami League (AL) General Secretary Obaidul Quader on Wednesday said, failing in its so-called movement, BNP is continuing its usual trend of falsifying shamelessly.

“As they (BNP leaders) failed in their movement to topple the government, their internal burning goes up several times. In the fire of failure, they are involved in ill-efforts to burn the future possibilities of the country’s people to ashes,” he said in a statement.

Quader, also the road transport and bridges minister, said BNP continues carrying out terrorist acts in the name of so-called political programme and blockade.

As the anti-democratic evil force – BNP – does not have enough strength and ability to wage a movement in democratic way, it has chosen the path of arson like the past, he said.

Like the incidents in 2013, 2014 and 2015, the AL general secretary said, the BNP is burning the entire country through arson and carrying out indiscriminate vandalism and violence.

BNP is carrying out destructive activities like arson, violence and anarchy, destroying people’s lives and properties and economic stability, killing people and setting fire to vehicles, he said.

Quader said even, sleeping people, women and children are not getting spared from the BNP’s arson attacks.

BNP is doing politics of corpse in the name of democracy, he said, adding that BNP introduced the demonic practice of burning people alive in the politics of this country, which is against the civilized democratic system.

He said the responsibility of the government is to ensure the absolute safety of the people and that is why the government is taking necessary steps to ensure the people’s safety. Quader said BNP leaders are continuously spreading falsehood, propaganda and rumours by holding virtual press conferences and giving instructions to the BNP men to create terrorist acts. At the same time, he said, the BNP leaders are raising false allegations of arrest and disappearance of their party leaders and workers.

The AL general secretary said the terrorist cadres of BNP, who are carrying out arson, vandalism, terrorist acts and carrying out attacks on people’s lives are going to self concealment to avoid arrest.

“But BNP is raising false allegations of disappearance against the government,” he added.

Quader said the law enforcing agencies are arresting only those involved in terrorist activities, not considering their political affiliation.

“If a terrorist goes into hiding, its responsibility cannot be put on the government. The ruling AL never practices the politics of disappearance, killing, arson and suppression of opposition parties. Disappearance, killing, politics of terrorism is the core ideology of BNP,” he said.

The road transport and bridges minister said BNP founder and military dictator Ziaur Rahman had introduced the politics of disappearance and killing in the country. “At that time, BNP started this trend through the forced disappearance of Dhaka City Chhatra League leader Mahfuz Babu,” he said.

He said military dictator Zia held the 1979 election by keeping more than 150 AL parliament members in prison and by canceling the candidature of more than 500 former ministers-MPs of the AL and Zia seized the state power through farcical elections.

In continuation of this, Quader said, about 21,000 AL leaders and activists were killed during the 2001-06 reign of BNP-Jamaat alliance and several hundred people were killed by carrying out unconstitutional “Operation Clean Heart” across the country.


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