July 20, 2024

Moon Desk: Information and Broadcasting Minister Dr Hasan Mahmud on Monday said BNP would make mistake if they fail to realize the image of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina in the global arena and its huge support to her government.

“BNP surly could realize where is the image of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina in the global arena and their support to her government. If BNP fails to understand that, then they would make mistake,” he said, adding the Premier’s tri-nation visit was very successful.

The minister said these while exchanging views with journalists on contemporary issues at the conference room of his ministry at Secretariat in the capital.

Hasan said the Prime Minister went Japan on a state visit and agreements of 30 billions of Yen were signed for different projects. The World Bank (WB) invited Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and the global bank wants to extend its assistance realizing its mistake of withdrawing financing from the Padma Bridge Project, he added.

Pointing out the PM’s joining to coronation of King Charles III in the United Kingdom and her meeting with the British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, Hasan said the British PM praised Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina terming her as a ‘successful economic leader’ and inspiration to him (Sunak).

“The UK premier said Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is an idol of his two daughters. Many world leaders including former prime minister of the UK, foreign minister and Commonwealth secretary general met with her (Sheikh Hasina),” the minister said.

During the visit, the Bangladesh premier also expressed her firm conviction to hold free and fair elections acceptable to global community, inviting the foreign observers to oversee the polls, Hasan, also Awami League joint general secretary, mentioned.

On the other hand, he said, BNP declares to resist the polls. The declaration of resisting polls or boycotting the elections is equal to resist the democracy, he added.

In fact, BNP doesn’t want democracy in the country and they want to catch fish in muddle water. BNP can boycott the polls, but there is no scope to stop the elections. The countrymen don’t allow them to do it, he added.

Replying to a query, the minister said they want a participatory election where all political parties including BNP will take part. In fact, BNP wants such a system in which they can get assurance of going to power, he added.

He said the partners of BNP are now discussing about the sits which means the partners want to take part in the polls.

Hasan said the elections will be held under the Election Commission as per the constitution like other democratic countries.

Replying to another query over Dr Yunus issue, he said, “With due respect to Dr Yunus, I would like to say that he is a Nobel Laureate and the labourers filed case against him for violating labour laws. Those allegations are serious and very regrettable. In fact, those are tarnishing the image of the Nobel Prize and make it questionable.

The minister hoped that the issue will be solved by paying the dues before the case is settled.

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