May 26, 2024

Diplomatic Correspondent: Foreign Minister Dr Hasan Mahmud on Monday said it is clear as daylight that BNP was behind the BDR mutiny and killed the country’s smart officers.
“Can the government do such a thing after forming a government with a huge mandate? It is as clear as daylight that BNP lost its sense and they staged the BDR mutiny through conspiracy and our smart officers were killed,” he told reporters at his residence while responding to a question.
Dr Hasan Mahmud, also Awami League Joint General Secretary, said  many of those who were killed in the mutiny belonged to the Awami League family. He said BNP Chairperson Khaleda Zia came out from her cantonment residence well ahead of the mutiny though she leaves bed late.
“Why did she leave bed so early on that day? That means she knew about the mutiny beforehand,” Hasan said.
He said the government obtained Khaleda Zia’s phone call records and knows how many times she talked to people in London.
“So, it’s very clear that BNP is involved in it,” he added.
Referring to BNP leader Dr Moeen Khan, Hasan said Moeen Khan might have forgotten that Bangladesh was the champion in corruption five times during BNP-Jamaat tenure.
The Foreign Minister said the BNP thought that the election would not be held and they desired to see conflict so that voters could not cast their votes.
But, he added, voters came out in a big way, and Awami League won the election.
“BNP has now lost its control,” he added.
In his discussion with the US delegation, Hasan said they had a very frank and open discussion to take relations to a new height.

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