May 26, 2024

Moon Desk: The memory of the humiliating defeat suffered by the Hindutva led India and its air force at the hands of the Pakistan Air Force remains vivid in the minds of the Indian bigotry rulers, even as five years have passed since the incident took place on February 27, 2019.

On February 27, 2019, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, influenced by the Hindutva ideology, initiated a cowardly attack in Balakot. Within 24 hours, Pakistan Air Force executed ‘Operation Swift Retort,’ compelling Modi to face defeat.

‘Operation Swift Retort’ was launched as a befitting response to the misadventures of the fascist Modi regime, whose air force violated Pakistan’s airspace on the night of February 26, 2019, targeting Balakot.

The myth of India’s conventional military superiority was shattered by the Pakistan Air Force, which downed two Indian Air Force aircraft in a dogfight and captured an Indian pilot, Abhinandan, alive. Pakistan’s victory in the brief air combat continues to haunt India.

The confusion caused by ‘Operation Swift Retort’ led to the Indian Air Force mistakenly shooting down its own helicopter, resulting in casualties, including the pilot. This incident sent a clear message to India – “Don’t mess with Pakistan.”

The operation thwarted India’s aspirations to establish itself as a dominant military force in the region while showcasing the firm resolve, capacity, and capability of the Pakistan Air Force in countering India’s aggressive intentions.

On February 26, 2019, the Indian Air Force conducted an aerial strike near Balakot, targeting a religious seminary that India claimed was a militant camp, alleging the killing of more than 300 terrorists. However, Pakistan and several international observers refuted the claim, citing no casualties and missed targets by the bombs. Moreover, the Indian government failed to provide substantial evidence of the Balakot strikes.

The Indian opposition, particularly the Congress, has raised doubts about the Balakot surgical strikes proclaimed by the BJP government. Rahul Gandhi and Navjot Singh Sidhu demanded validation and an accurate count of the casualties resulting from the strike.

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