June 15, 2024

MT Desk: Challenges faced by the youth in member states of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation including high unemployment, the spread of extremism, displacement, asylum, and illegal immigration should be addressed, the secretary general of the organization has said.

Speaking at the fifth session of the Islamic Conference of Youth and Sports Ministers hosted by Saudi Arabia in Jeddah from Sep.7-9, Hissein Brahim Taha said global studies indicate that OIC states are home to around a quarter of the world’s youth, and it is expected that member states “will have more than a third of the world’s youth by 2050.”

“These facts and statistics can provide opportunities for the Muslim world if the potentials of youth are appropriately harnessed, and when youth are involved in setting and implementing policies and programs on youth and sports development,” Taha said.

The secretary general called for the launch of development programs for youth in all OIC states and said member countries and relevant institutions should play an active role in these programs and initiatives.

The declaration of the conference praised Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 for the emphasis placed on youth and sports development and the efforts being made by the Kingdom to enhance youth awareness and promote their role in development.

It also welcomed the UAE’s establishment of the Arab Youth Center in Abu Dhabi which implements initiatives led by Arab youth and offers wider spaces enabling them to contribute to national sustainable developments efforts and endeavors.

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