June 15, 2024

Md. Mijanur Rahman Akanda, Phulpur: The fish shortage has been noticed in the markets of Mymensingh’s Phulpur upazila. Locals believe that there is a shortage of fish in the markets due to a lack of water in the canal-bil, Kangsh, and local Kharia Rivers as a result of the lack of rain in Ashad-Shravan. On Thursday, it can be seen that there is no import of local fish in the market, including the markets of Amuakanda, Chankanda, and Bus Station area of Phulpur municipality. A small amount of pangas and Bengal fish from far away is available in the market, which cannot meet the demand of the locals. Some river (frozen) fish from Mohanganj and other parts of the country are available in the market but their prices are very high. At present, the prices are much higher in the markets as the buyer demand is higher than the imported fish. In the local market, small-size Bengali fish is being sold at Tk 300-350 per kg, Kai Tk 230-260, Tilapia Tk 220-240, Pangus Tk 180-200, River small fish (frozen) at Tk 500-800. Shamsul Haque, a rickshaw driver who buys fish from Amuakanda market, said, “I have been wandering around the fish market for an hour but I am unable to buy it because of the price.” Another buyer Abul Mansoor said, with the price of fish in the market, it seems that middle-class people will not be able to buy and eat fish for a long time. Jewel Rana, a fish seller, said that fish has to be bought at a higher price from Fisari and Aart. How to buy at a high price and sell at a low price? Another fish seller, Tula Mia, said that every year in the monsoon season, there is market profit in local fish. But this year the situation is reversed, so we are selling Bengali fish at the market price. Upazila Assistant Fisheries Officer Golam Mostafa said that due to the lack of rain, local fish are not able to breed because there is no water in canals and rivers. So there is no import of local fish in the markets. On the other hand, because of the heat, the production of fish fingerlings is also a problem in hatcheries. Fish reproduction and production are particularly associated with rainfall.

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