July 19, 2024

Md Jubair: Hijab controversy recently hit Karnataka. The authorities had banned the wearing of hijab inside educational institutions. A group of Muslim students demonstrated in return. The controversy reached the Supreme Court of India. The state government has not backed down from their opinion yet. However, many Muslim girls still use this dress. But this time the state took a more strict stand on this issue. The Karnataka Education Department has issued a rule not to allow a student to appear in the exam if she wears hijab. The education minister of that state, BC Nagesh, has made it clear that hijab will not be allowed to appear in the examination of any government educational institution. In a few days, second semester exams will begin in schools in Karnataka. Several female students had appealed to the Supreme Court for permission to enter wearing hijab. They claimed that if they don’t take the exam after hijab, they will lose another academic year. But the Supreme Court rejected the application.

In the meantime, the education minister of Karnataka has expressed his opinion about the hijab. He made it clear to the students that the exam cannot be given in hijab. All the government educational institutions of the state have to follow this rule. In this regard, he said to the media, just like last year, the female students should wear school uniform to take the exam. Otherwise they will not be allowed to sit the exam.

On the other hand, his clear claim is that the number of Muslim girls has increased significantly since the ban on hijab. However, he did not give any information and statistics regarding that. According to her, since the hijab issue started, Muslim girls have started applying for the exam. Which is much more than previous years. And raising this demand, the education minister of Karnataka gave a strange argument in favor of banning hijab in all educational institutions of the state. Source: NDTV.


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