July 20, 2024

Moon Desk: In Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir, political experts and Kashmir watchers have said that India has turned the territory into world’s largest open-air prison where all the basic rights of the people have been usurped.

The political experts and Kashmir watchers in their interviews and statements in Srinagar said that the presence of over one million Indian troops deployed across the occupied territory had already made the life of the Kashmiri people a hell. They said that the recent G20 meeting hosted by the Modi government in Srinagar brought more miseries to the oppressed Kashmiris.

The political experts and Kashmir watchers said occupied Kashmir has become the most militarised zone on this planet where India has snatched all basic rights of the people including the right to life. They deplored that the Kashmiris are being killed, tortured and arrested by Indian troops on a daily basis.

One of the political experts based in Srinagar on the condition of anonymity to evade reprisal of the Indian authorities told the media that the world rights bodies have already warned of genocide in IIOJK. He said that Indian troops have committed scores of massacres in the occupied territory to intimidate the Kashmiri people into submission.

The political experts and Kashmir watchers pointed out that the people of IIOJK have been victims of Indian state terrorism for over 7 decades and 96,186 Kashmiris had fallen to the Indian bullets since January 1989 till 30 April, this year.

The Modi regime’s brutalities in Kashmir have no parallel in recent human history, they said, adding that the oppressed Kashmiris are waiting for the international community’s help.

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