July 19, 2024

Moon Desk: Ahmedabad bombing 2008 was a sequence of 21 blasts that hit the city in which 56 people lost their lives and more than 200 people were injured.

The free Indian media had claimed that it was a false flag operation executed by India whereas the pro-government media claimed that Indian Mujahideen were involved and had also accepted the responsibility of these attacks.

The investigation team could not find any evidence against Pakistan.  It was revealed that these blasts were planned by Indian religious extremists having a background of Hindu-Muslim Communal violence.

India uses false flag operations as a tool of coercion which is often utilized to provoke or justify a war against adversaries.

India perpetually resort of immoral activities like deceit, fraud, propaganda and state sponsored terrorist attacks killing their own people for serving political interests. German Investigative Journalist Elias Davidson in his book, “The Betrayal of India: Revisiting the 26/11 Evidence” highlighted that India has history of false flag operations from 1971 to till today.

When India feels, it is not being able to cope up internal rift, Indians launch a false flag operation for political gains.

The same is also evident from EU Disinfo Lab episode and Arnab Goswami’s revelations about presence of ISI in Serana Hotel Kabul. India executed number of pseudo-operations internationally in the past in which Pakistan was blamed; however, these blames were proved wrong and exposed India’s agenda to malign the image of Pakistan.

From the unrest in New Delhi to the chaos in Karnataka, Pakistan has been held responsible for every incident of restlessness in India, irrespective of their complex and prolonged internal factors, but Indian government failed to provide any evidence of Pakistan’s involvement in these terror attacks.

As India’s far-right political parties and antagonistic forces created a perception of a common or false enemy to unite its culturally despaired population to serve the purpose.

India endorsed this agenda in front of International Statuary platforms with an aim to label Pakistan as a terrorist-sponsoring country but failed to prove it on all forums.

Another objective of Indian fabricated accusations on Pakistan is to sabotage and isolate Pakistan in international diplomacy.

India is still trying to construct a narrative to declare Pakistan as a troublemaker in the region; however, by doing so the Indian government is itself jeopardizing the stability of the South Asian region to serve this purpose.

It is high time Indian false flags must be exposed and ended downright. Or else the dangers of such false flag operations in this highly nuclearized zone could develop into something beyond imagination of any.

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