July 20, 2024

AN, TOKYO: The Japanese government has decided to dispatch Foreign Minister HAYASHI Yoshimasa to Tunisia from Aug. 25 to 29, as the Special Envoy of Prime Minister KISHIDA Fumio, to attend the 8th Tokyo International Conference on African Development (TICAD 8).

Foreign Minister HAYASHI will also take this opportunity to conduct bilateral meetings with his counterparts from African countries, according to the Foreign Ministry in Tokyo.

Hayashi will depart from Tokyo on Aug. 25 and arrive in Tunis on Aug. 26, where he will hold bilateral talks and meetings with Tunisian with heads of delegation of African countries and others.

Hayashi will also attend TICAD 8 meetings in Tunisia before returning to Tokyo on Aug. 29.

Prime Minister Kishida canceled his planned trip to Tunisia to attend TICAD 8 after he tested positive for the COVID-19. Kishida will give a speech online at the summit.

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