June 15, 2024

We don’t have words to condemn journalist Golam Rabbani being murdered by a group of miscreants at Pathati intersection in Bakshiganj, Jamalpur.

He was the Jamlapur district correspondent of Banglanews24.com and Bakshiganj upazila correspondent of Ekattor TV. Prothom Alo reports that Golam Rabbani was crossing the Pathati intersection riding his motorbike on the way to home at 10:17pm on Wednesday.

Suddenly, someone came running after him and pulled his motorbike from behind to pull him to the ground. The miscreants then kept beating up and throwing punches at Rabbani, swooping down on him.

One of them told his fellow attackers, “Drag him to the dark and beat him up there.”

Later the miscreants beat him mercilessly, pulling him beyond the CCTV coverage. At one point when he fainted, they fled away leaving him there.

Allegations have been raised that Mahmudul Alam, the chairman of Shadhurpara Union Parishad (UP) under Bakshiganj Upazila had his men murder Golam Rabbani.

Mahmudul Alam is the general secretary of Shadhurpara union Awami League unit. Golam Rabbani’s wife Monira Begum alleges, “Shadhurpara UP chairman Mahmudul Alam was angry with him (Golam Rabbani) in connection to publishing news and had tried to harass him in different ways even before. It was the men of that UP chairman who have killed him.”

He was angry with journalist Golam Rabbani for publishing a report on the UP chairman divorcing his second wife. Though a case had been filed against him (Golam Rabbani) under the digital security act, it was found to be dismissed.

We guess, the gang committed the murder after being unsuccessful in the legal battle. The UP chairman and his men, all are leaders and activists of the ruling party.

Earlier on 11 April, a Jubo League leader had also beaten Golam Rabbani up. While his life was saved at that time, he had to give his life in the hands of the killers this time.

A video going viral on the social media shows Golam Rabbani appealing to the prime minister, home minister and top level police officials seeking security of his life. That appeal has also been returned as futile echo. This isn’t supposed to happen if there is rule of law in the country.

The statement Jamalpur’s superintendent of police has given after Rabbani being murdered is a tactic to protect the killers, we believe. His statement broadcasted in a TV channel reveals that the miscreants did not hit Golam Rabbani with the intention of murder; they just wanted to warn him.

It’s unthinkable that someone from the law enforcement would speak in favour of the murderers like this.

And the man who is being labeled the main culprit of Golam Rabbani murder, that Mahmudul Alam not being arrested earlier is a mystery as well.

Will we have to continue witenessing journalists being murdered and tortured one after another while on duty? A journalist had to die even after making an appeal asking safety of his life. It must be admitted that this is an ultimate failure of the police administration.

On one hand the government says they are strictly determined to safeguard journalists. On the other hand a journalist will be murdered for performing professional duties. This cannot be accepted in any possible way.

The journalist community has protested the killing of Golam Rabbani in different parts of the country including Jamalpur. They have taken up various programmes too.

Expressing solidarity with them we demand immediate arrest and maximum penalty of all involved in Golam Rabbani murder.  Let the justice prevail.

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