May 22, 2024

BSS, TUNGIPARA: Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina today said the new tenure of her government would give foremost priority on keep rolling the development spree alongside containing the price hike of essential commodities and increasing people’s purchasing power.

“Our prime task would be keep continuing the ongoing development, contain price of essentials and increase purchasing power of the people,” she said while speaking at a post-election greetings and views exchange meeting with leaders and activists of her constituency (Gopalganj-3) in Tungipara at Awami League office here.

Awami League won 12th parliamentary election with landslide victory and formed the government for fourth consecutive term.

Mentioning that there is no scarcity of food items in the market, she said, “I don’t see any major problem in rural areas, however people of limited income group living in capital Dhaka are suffering due to higher prices of various items.”

Sheikh Hasina, also President of Awami League, observed that a vested quarter is responsible for price increase to multiply the sufferings of the people.

She also laid emphasis on increasing production and strengthening supervision on supply chain.


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