July 18, 2024

Moon Desk: As part of pre-commission, flushing of systems with the open reactor has commenced at unit-1 of Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant (RNPP) on December 8. According to a message received on Sunday, chemically dematerialized water is supplied to the reactor vessel through the connection pipeline and primary circuit pipelines to remove impurities left after the installation of the equipment and the pipelines at this stage.

“Flushing of active and passive safety systems with the open reactor is one of the most important pre-commissioning operations. This is the first of a whole series of inspections of equipment and process systems. It is the result of long-term work of assemblers, adjusters and other specialists involved in the construction of the first ever nuclear power plant in Bangladesh”, said Alexey Deriy, Vice President of ASE and Director of RNPP Construction Project.


The flushing allows making sure that everything has been installed correctly and is ready for operation. Besides, it checks the operability of pump units of the safety systems and normal operation systems.


Engineering Division of Russia’s Rosatom State Corporation is implementing the Rooppur project as the General Designer and Contractor .The project will host two nuclear power units each of 1,200 Mw capacities.


Latest generation 3+ Russian VVER 1200 reactor will be used for power generation, which complies with all international safety requirements.

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