April 13, 2024

Moon Desk: Quantum has become a place of trust not only for blood recipients but also for blood donors. That’s why Quantum’s long-running voluntary blood donation program has been able to serve millions of people. One bag of blood is used for multiple patients, especially by separating the blood components in the quantum lab. Both the blood recipient and the donor are being supplied with the material required by the patient. As a result, it is possible to serve more people.

Dr Muhammad Anwar Hossain Hawladar, Secretary of Health Services Department, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh, said these things in the speech of the chief guest at the voluntary organization Quantum Foundation at the Institute of Diploma Engineers, Bangladesh (IDEB) auditorium in the capital on Tuesday evening. He expressed his gratitude to the blood donors, receivers and related parties for the great initiative of Quantum Foundation.

At the event, more than three hundred voluntary blood donors who have donated blood at least 3 times, 10 times, 25 times or 50 times were honored. Certificates, ID cards and honorary crests were given to the voluntary blood donors in this moment. Zakia Sultana, a regular blood donor, and Nadia Akhtar, a thalassemia patient from one of the regular blood recipients expressed their feelings.

Rezaul Hasan, Director (Motivation) of Quantum Foundation Voluntary Blood Donation Program delivered the welcome address on the occasion. Madam Nahar Al Bokhari, Chief Coordinator (Voluntary Blood Donation Program) of Quantum Foundation has presided over the program. Expressing sincere gratitude to the regular blood donors, she expressed the hope of meeting the country’s blood shortage through voluntary blood donation.

Incidentally, our country needs about 8-10 lakh bags of safe and healthy blood every year. Since 1996, Quantum is continuing to raise awareness and voluntary blood donation activities among the common people with the aim of meeting the huge demand of blood shortage. In the efforts of the last two decades, this humanitarian organization has been able to play a role in saving the lives of about 14 lakh people.


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